Friday, November 12, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

So, I know this is usually a cooking blog, and that's great and fabulous, and I plan to keep it that way for all intensive purposes.  But, when you find something you love so much that you want to blog about it, and you will be rewarded for it, well, you just have to jump.  Rules go out the window.

What in the world am I talking about?  Well, Shutterfly is a fabulous picture hosting site, where you can also order photos, cards, and other gifts.  Their photo books are amazing and incredibly affordable.  They are easy to put together, and make fabulous gifts.  I did one for John and I's trip to Paris back in 2009, and it's one of my favorite things to look at when I'm missing France.

So, back to my point.  Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers who blog about their amazing Christmas Cards.  If you are a blogger and would like to participate, go here.

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

Last year was the first year I made Christmas cards.  I had wanted to make sure I had a good picture of Lily in her Christmas outfit to send out.  It was her first Christmas and she was so darn cute.  The response was fabulous, and it was really good to send out Christmas cards to everyone I love.

I haven't decided who's going on our Christmas cards yet this year.... a picture of John and I, a picture of John, Lily, and me, or just a picture of Lily.  The plan is to have a photo shoot this weekend/early next week, and see what picture is best.  That doesn't mean I can't try to figure out which card I like best.  So, with that, here's my favorite Christmas card layouts from Shutterfly. 

#1.  I love this one.  It's so simple, pretty and elegant.  Problem is, I don't know if I can find FOUR pictures I like well enough to send out on Christmas cards.  So, I just had to put it in here as a possibility because I love it, but I probably won't use it because I would need four photos.  Link to this card

#2.  This one is different colors for a Christmas card, with the brown, cranberry, and pistachio.  I think this makes it feel kind of country, and homey.  I like that there's a lot of room to write a message, but that is also daunting, because I'd have to think of something cute and clever that I want to say to everyone...  It's got only one picture to fill, which makes it a great option and one of John and I's engagement photos would look fabulous in this one because of the natural colors.  Link to this card

#3.  I love the fun, whimsical feeling of this one!  It would be a great layout if I had kids, but I think it would be great for a picture of Lily too.  There's a lot of room to write a message again, but I guess I could handle it.  It's very fun and modern.  Plus, aren't those kids adorable...?  Link to this card

#4.  I can't decide why I like this one so much.  It feels so festive, and the cranberry/pistachio colors are really growing on me as Christmas colors.  Also, for some reason, I really love the black.  It feels very vintage.  Its name is Retro Kaleidoscope and I just really like that name.  It's seriously cute.  Link to this card

#5.  Let's try to ignore that adorable blond headed boy over there with the curls and the blue eyes.  Whew.  I love this card.  It's got your red, your green, some holy, and a quote from a well known Christmas song.  What's not to like?  This card is gorgeous and fantastically designed.  I would only need one good picture -- and as long as I can remember our names, I think I could handle filling out the text!  This is definitely a contender.  Link to this card

 #6.  Goodness gracious.  the lime, the candy cane letters, the stars.  There is so much I love about this card.  What I don't love?  3 pictures!  Sure, I could find 3 pictures from our engagement shots that I love and put them in there.  Or I could put in 3 pictures of Lily.  But I would be too picky about whether or not the pictures "flow" with one another, or match the background that I would drive myself absolutely batty.  It's still a contender because goodness gracious i love that lettering at the top. It's gorgeous.  Link to this card
#7.  This card is very classic, perhaps a little too mature for me, but the snowflake damask on the side has just captured my heart and won't let it go.  I think this would look great with one of our engagement shots in black and white.  Beautiful.  Link to this card

#8.  I love the color scheme on this.  The winter blue with the red, and then the white, with a black and white picture?  So festive and fun.  I love the snowflakes.  It's another fun, silly one, and I like that.  Link to this card

HOW AM I EVER GOING TO DECIDE???  Someone please help.  I am unable to kick any of them out of the running just yet...

I don't have any pictures of Lily yet so that you could see what she would look like, but here's my favorites from our engagement session that I've thought about using...  Imagine any of them in color or black and white...

All engagement photos taken by Jim Strathearn Photography.  Jim does an amazing job.  If you are within an hour of Delta, PA, he's your guy for kid pictures, engagement pictures, wedding pictures, or anything else you could possibly need!

Someone help choose!  And please, head on over to Shutterfly to make your Christmas cards this year.