Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two of my new favorite recipes!

Sorry that this post doesn't contain a new recipe from me, but you won't be disappointed!

Last week, I was looking for a good summer meal.  It was hot outside and I had a bunch of strawberries and kiwis cluttering up my kitchen.

I scoured pinterest and my favorite food blogs in search of a dinner that was both easy and delicious.

First up, I found these:  Cheeseburger Quesadillas.

The fried onions, the sauce, the crispy tortilla, and the yummy seasoned burger.  oh my.  The sauce of mayo and salsa?  life changing.  Especially if you have some yummy homemade salsa on hand.  Wow.  I've made them twice since then...  My BFF came over, and she needed to know the amazingness that was these Cheeseburger Quesadillas, so I made them for her too!  They are quickly going to become a go-to meal in my house.

Now, for dessert with our delicious quesadillas, I found this recipe:  Strawberry Kiwi Crisp from my absolute favorite food blog, How Sweet It Is.  Jessica is not only an amazing cook and recipe developer, she is also hilarious, and a great writer.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy her daily blog posts, recipes, and facebook updates. 

But now, about this dessert: (photo by How Sweet It is)

It was the most delicious fruit crisp I have ever had.  As with every recipe of hers that I try, it was amazing.  The tanginess of the fruit and the sweet crispy topping, and the yummy syrup that brings it all together.  Oh my.  We had ours with cool whip, because we had no vanilla ice cream, but it was still amazing.

So make these two recipes.  And check out their blogs.  And if you don't have pinterest yet, get it, you won't regret it!  It's a great place to find new recipes, crafts, and household tips and ideas.

I'll be back soon with some new recipes  -- need to find some new summer recipes around here :)